At the heart of our team

We offer you a place at the heart of our team, where you play an integral role in helping us shape the future. We offer you an open-ended, full-time job in Hanover or Riga, flexible working hours and a number of location-based benefits, such as a company pension scheme and contributions to the costs for sports and fitness options. We offer you a role in which you can reach your potential and have a lot of fun along the way.

Your benefits

open-ended employment contract

modern offices

flexible working hours

company car park

good public transport links

work bike

fitness options

personalised further training

choice of Mac or Windows

company pension scheme

cooking with colleagues

pet friendly

We’re different, and we like it! We’re always thinking ahead, proactively, unconventionally. Since 1997, we’ve been advising airlines, tour operators, and cruise lines all over Europe and developing solution-focused software applications for and in close cooperation with our customers. We’re not put off by complexity but instead see the possibilities and focus on creating state-of-the-art solutions.

We offer you a place at the heart of our team as a:

You and your team colleagues together devise solutions that address the needs of our customers. You advance the development of our products and create new solutions. You’re the contact person for your colleagues working in project management, consulting, and support. As the need arises, you also participate in meetings with the customer to get a good feel for their requirements.

What we’d like to see from you:

  • Delight in being part of a team creating something new
  • Experience and knowledge in the development of Java EE applications
  • Some initial experience in the use of Groovy and Grails would be great
  • Skills in the use of databases (a focus on MySQL, Oracle)
  • Good English language skills
  • Excellent understanding of system structures
  • An analytical way of working

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You’re the first person our customers contact in service & support and quality assurance. You help them analyse problems and challenges from a technical perspective and develop solutions to keep their systems up and running. You play an essential role in continuous quality assurance and work closely with your colleagues from development, project management, and consultation as well as with various contacts at our customers.

What we’d like to see from you:

  • Enjoyment communicating with customers (mainly on the phone and by email)
  • An excellent grasp of the technical issues and requirements of our customers
  • Skills and experience in the administration and use of Linux operating systems and databases (MySQL, Oracle)
  • Excellent understanding of system structures
  • A willingness to take on stand-by duties in rotation with your colleagues
  • A solution-oriented and well-structured way of working

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You’re the one our customers contact to see to their requirements, wishes, and needs. You advise them, show them the benefits of our solutions and, together with them and your fellow team members, develop new possibilities. You ensure your colleagues understand our customers’ requirements and, in close cooperation with the project manager, you coordinate the project’s implementation, so our customers receive their solution on time and in line with the project specifications (quality, quantity, etc.)

What we’d like to see from you:

  • Enjoyment in developing new ideas in a team and helping shape new solutions
  • A well-structured way of working and a spark of creativity
  • Enthusiasm and experience communicating with customers and an interest in occasional travel
  • Curiosity and an excellent understanding of processes
  • An interest in software solutions and a sound analytical understanding
  • Good English language skills

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You’re the first person our customers and team will contact when it comes to planning and implementing our projects. You play an essential role in ensuring our customers’ requirements are implemented according to the agreements made. You significantly shape the overall planning of all our projects – from requirements analysis to implementation. You work closely with your colleagues from all the various areas as well as with our customers’ contacts.

What we’d like to see from you:

  • Enjoyment in and experience with shaping and implementing projects
  • A well-structured way of working and flexibility
  • Enthusiasm and experience communicating with customers (internal and external) and an interest in occasional travel
  • Curiosity and an excellent understanding of projects and processes
  • Good English language skills

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As a Software Tester, you design, plan and conduct tests of our software to make sure that it lives up to the quality standards that we and our customers expect. You are the person who says yea or nay to the new release before it goes to the customer. Your detailed test reports play a crucial part in the decision-making of the developers and business teams on how to proceed.

What we’d like to see from you:

  • A diligent and thorough way of working
  • An ability to spot patterns and irregularities
  • Analytical, out-of-the-box thinking
  • Great communicating skills
  • Ability to document test cases and their outcome in a clear and detailed manner
  • Willingness to learn and open-mindedness
  • Good English and/or German language skills
  • Experience in working with quality assurance software would be great

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What you should also know

Pooling, the most popular form of distribution for charter airlines today, was developed by Willy Gielen and led to the founding of quintessence consulting in 1997.

We’re located right in the middle of Lower Saxony, in the state capital Hanover.

Our modern offices ensure creativity and innovation can flourish in an effective and healthy working environment.

…but our feet are firmly on the ground.

We’re a down-to-earth team developing solutions that get people off the ground every day. Whether they book a flight themselves or a package with one of our tour operator customers, your work is essential for flying people from A to B, be it to their holiday destination or a business meeting.

Your personal and professional development is important. At qc, you’ll enjoy access to courses and training sessions specially tailored to your needs.

…in perfect harmony.

Life is a balance between work, family and leisure time. We provide everything you need to help maintain the right balance – from flexible working hours to home office options.

Cardio followed by carbonara? Or barbell and then a burger? You choose how you spend your lunch break. As a member of the quintessence team, the gym next door is always open to you – well, almost always (opening hours!).

Are you passionate about cooking? Or will microwave menu #5 be your plat du jour? Our small but cosy kitchen provides all you need to whip up a meal with your colleagues. It’s also the place to grab an Italian coffee – freshly ground, of course.

quintessence (kwɪnˈtɛs(ə)ns)

The word “quintessence” has its origins in late Middle English and was introduced via French from medieval Latin quinta essentia, meaning the “fifth essence”. It was originally seen as the highest essence or element after air, earth, fire, and water. The quintessence is, therefore, something very special: it is the refined and concentrated essence of a substance; the most perfect or typical embodiment of something.

Our product names MIDGARD, ASGARD, and KRONOS have mythological origins.

Midgard (“middle yard”) was a Germanic term for the Earth or the world and basically means the place where people live in the middle of the world.

Asgard is where the Æsir, a dynasty of gods, live. A rainbow bridge connects it to Midgard. In mythology, Asgard is described as a large castle with twelve magnificent palaces of the gods surrounded by an impregnable wall.

In Greek mythology, Kronos is the leader of the Titans, father of Zeus, and the youngest son of Gaia (the earth) and Uranus (the sky or heaven). Kronos’ equivalent in Roman mythology is Saturn.

A concierge was originally the warden of a house, castle or palace. Nowadays, the term is used to mean the role of a receptionist in a hotel, office or apartment building, someone who provides guests, tenants and visitors with dedicated and, if need be, personalized assistance.

Interested? Get in touch and tell us about yourself, your goals, and aspirations!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Who to contact: Gabriele Kremer – jobs[at]
quintessence consulting GmbH – Grosser Kolonnenweg 18c – D-30163 Hanover, Tel: +49 (0)511-64 664-0