July 27, 2011

Acknowledging the importance of customer binding measures, quintessence has incorporated the Voucher Module into the latest release of KRONOS Ancillary Services. The new tool allows to create and redeem service vouchers that render services free of charge. The implementation of monetary vouchers is technically prepared and can be launched at request.

As with all functionalities of quintessence systems, users require special system permissions to handle vouchers. A voucher is always a part of a promotion campaign. To make it handy, users can add vouchers to existing campaigns or create a new campaign directly in the voucher dialogue. Naturally, multiple vouchers can be produced in one go. The voucher editor provides various control parameters, so that the voucher validity can be regulated on a fine level. The user defines the validity period of the voucher, the range of flight dates and a number of further factors that restrict the applicability of the voucher. Also, if a voucher renders several services free of charge, it is possible to limit the number of items that a passenger can use within one booking. This should give an additional incentive to use the same airline next time.

Call centre operators redeem vouchers by assigning them to service bookings in Flight Deck. Vouchers can be made refundable, which means that it is possible to change their initial assignment. It may be a customer wish or cancellation of the service that makes a change in the voucher assignment reasonable. The overview of available vouchers can be compiled according to various search criteria. The booking details have been upgraded to include the information on services that have been made free of charge by a voucher. The Web Sales Module integrated into the Web pages of the airline or of the tour operator enables agencies and passengers to redeem vouchers through the Internet.

All in all, the Voucher Module is an easy to handle but effective tool that adds to customer satisfaction and helps the airline to retain an overview over the effectiveness of its incentive campaigns.

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