July 18, 2013

Inventory Management That Works

MIDGARD applies a unified view of the seat inventory covering both – the B2B and B2C – worlds, which makes it possible to conduct sales via all distribution channels concurrently. It also copes with special charter and ad-hoc business to earn additional revenue. Unlike the situation in the standardised IATA world, the rules in the charter or hybrid airline environments are not governed by a central committee, but are negotiated with each business partner individually. In this complex world of guaranteed, non-guaranteed, roundtrip, one way or triangular agreements, MIDGARD provides the tools that allow the airline to concentrate on the sales process.

Optimise Your Season

MIDGARD supports charter and hybrid airlines in the complete process chain from seasonal planning over contracting and allotment management up to invoicing.

Using its last-seat-availability, MIDGARD optimises the availability of seats on a flight by distributing them through all the connected channels (pooling tour operators).  MIDGARD calculates the optimal price for the next seat to be sold based on the flight load factor at a certain time prior to departure. Invoicing rules can be defined per tour operator and for pre-flight and post-flight invoicing. MIDGARD identifies the allotments that need to be invoiced, and applies the invoicing rules to execute the actual invoicing in the currency of the customer.

The Benefits of MIDGARD

  • Optimise load factor and seat revenue
  • Smartly distribute the airline’s capacity up to the last available seat
  • Cover the complete charter process from seasonal planning to invoicing
  • Connect all B2B and B2C distribution channels for effective communication

MIDGARD is part of the quintessence Air Suite that provides a complete suite of software solutions optimizing business processes in the area of sales and marketing for airlines and tour operators.

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