August 11, 2013

One for All

Flight Deck is the client application that effectively supports users of MIDGARD and KRONOS. Its clearly laid out user interface makes daily work of finding, retrieving, editing or creating new data easy. Flight Deck is a powerful system with multiple user-initiated and automated background functionalities. Among them — integrated reporting, validating of imported data, flight schedule editor, graphical seat maps, etc. Flight Deck runs on all popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Smart Interface

Depending on the role of the user and the server application it is connected to, Flight Deck adapts its interface automatically, providing the functions that are actually needed. While users can easily customize the Flight Deck interface to meet their specific demands, reasonable default settings enable them to start working instantly.

The Benefits of Flight Deck

  • See data in the context: Flight Deck can show related data within one screen, it is no longer necessary to switch between various frames. For example, you will be able to see an overview of flights and allotments or bookings on this flight side by side.
  • Build your own user interface: Flight Deck displays data of a certain type in so-called views. Depending on your requirements and  preferences, combine multiple views in a custom perspective and save it for future use. Besides, Flight Deck ‘remembers’ the latest set of information, which increases the flexibility of handling considerably.
  • Smart searches: Searches can be saved by name. Any named search can  be set as a start-up search, so that the search results are  automatically available when opening a certain perspective. Define profiles to arrange the display of the search results according to your requirements.
  • Powerful reporting functionality: Use the standard reports from our report library or build your own custom reports to have the complete picture of business-critical data. With corresponding configuration, the report will update regularly showing the dynamic development of the values and giving a preview of the trend.

Flight Deck is the universal client for the quintessence Air Suite which provides a complete suite of software solutions optimizing business processes in the area of sales and marketing for airlines and tour operators.

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