August 26, 2013

Streamline Passenger Handling

In a charter or hybrid airline environment, distributing part or all of the airlines’ capacity via tour operators is an essential part of the business. The KRONOS // Passenger Handling module processes passenger information from 150+ tour operators for delivery as PNL/ADL in an automated process. The quality, completeness and early availability of the passenger data that KRONOS provides enable airlines to offer a consistently high quality of service at check-in. The reduced organizational efforts and the automated communication with tour operators and airport stations unlock significant cost saving potentials.

Automate the Complete Process

The KRONOS // Passenger Handling module supports all stages of the passenger handling process.

Pre-flight: KRONOS automatically converts, cleans and merges passenger data received from more than 150 tour operators.  KRONOS can process the PRM data it receives and send  it to airport stations in PAL/CAL formats.

@flight: In the @flight part KRONOS delivers the data as PNL/ADL messages or any other form to the DCS systems in the dialect required by the DCS. New DCS definitions can be added easily.

Post-flight: KRONOS imports and evaluates flight closure data (PFS, PRL, ETL, FTL) delivered from the DCS. The information can be used to automate postflight invoicing with our Single Inventory module, send notifications to the tour operators, or check the quality of handling agents.

The Benefits of KRONOS

  • Increase availability and quality of passenger data to improve the check-in experience
  • Deliver validated passenger data in IATA-compliant formats as PNL/ADL and PAL/CAL
  • Leverage the existing network and connect new tour operators and systems easily
  • Save on cost and manual effort for communication and ground handling

KRONOS // Passenger Handling is part of the quintessence Air Suite which provides a complete suite of software solutions optimizing business processes in the area of sales and marketing for airlines and tour operators.

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