August 23, 2013

The complexity of modern heterogeneous networks has brought about new standards that evolved from the initial logging of exceptions. In the environment of distributed data warehousing, proactive monitoring creates a central data source for surveillance purposes. Exceptions are detected before real problems can arise, so that outage-free system operation becomes a reality.

Monitoring at quintessence can be part of a hosting solution, but also a separate agreement. Our customers can choose among the following options:

  • End-to-end system monitoring from quintessence,  software and hardware included.
  • Shared monitoring, where quintessence takes care of the applications and the customer assumes responsibility for the hardware.
  • Remote monitoring, where quintessence monitors applications hosted by the customer or by a third party.

Rules and conditions of a monitoring agreement — such as objects to be monitored, check periods and frequency, or levels of notification alert — are elaborated in cooperation with the customer and kept down in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). With the industry standard for IT infrastructure monitoring, Nagios, we make sure, that your applications function properly and problems do not come to affect critical business processes.

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