August 23, 2013

Most quintessence customers choose to have their Air Suite applications hosted by quintessence instead of operating them by themselves. This solution brings tangible benefits making many things easier for the airline

Application Hosting is a modern trend in the IT world. This concept presumes that the application owner outsources the operation and maintenance of the application, whereas the service provider puts servers and the infrastructure at the disposal of the application owner. Application hosting goes well beyond pure server operation and comprises, among others, the best fitting supplementary software, continuous monitoring of customer’s productive systems, and support — both technical and help-desk.

Hosting at quintessence stands for:

  • Professionally maintained infrastructures and regularly renewed hardware
  • Cutting-edge technologies to ensure system operation in a high availability environment
  • System security ensured by the best proven firewall systems
  • Monitoring and support on the 7×17 basis with further alternatives open
  • quintessence hosting facilities in Germany

Apart from substantial costs reduction for software, hardware and personnel, hosting brings an even more important benefit — the highest quality level, ensured data security and stability. A hosted application is in the hands of professionals, who not only react fast to arising problems, but are one step ahead of them. We take care of the application servers, databases, and network communications, leaving you the freedom to concentrate on your core business.

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