June 5, 2012

In the charter and hybrid airline models — our main area of expertise — the optimal use of external business partners (tour operators) for the sale and the distribution of the airlines’ capacity is a key success factor. The quintessence Air Suite of solutions consists of several modules, which together support the complete B2B process, from the planning stage to the postflight invoicing.

MIDGARD // Single Inventory

Inventory module with last seat availability and complete coverage of tour operator planning, contracting, and invoicing.

KRONOS // Ancillary Services

Generate additional revenues from the Web based or tour operator based sales of pre-seating and special services.

KRONOS // Passenger Handling

Automated processing of passenger data from the tour operators, including PNL/ADL functionality and postflight reconciliation.

MIDGARD Tour Operator Solution

Solution for tour operators to optimise their seasonal planning and master available allotments.


Online booking of seats and services on a multi-carrier level.

Flight Deck // Universal Client

Developed precisely for the needs of our customers, Flight Deck offers a multi-facet front-end user interface to connect to a server application — KRONOS, MIDGARD, Concierge.

Web Sales

Making the booking of services and advance seat reservation an easy and truly user-friendly process — passengers and travel agencies can book and pay directly on your company’s website.

Each of these modules can be used either separately or they can be integrated to provide a complete solution. With our next-generation-client Flight Deck customers using MIDGARD or KRONOS get the smart tool to work effectively with the quintessence server applications.

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