January 15, 2013

Inventory Management that works

MIDGARD is the central flight management system that supports tour operators in acquisition and distribution of flights. By providing a sound contracting basis and automating routine tasks, MIDGARD relieves daily work, raising efficiency and considerably reducing the error potential.

Comprehensive flight management

Initially designed for hybrid and charter airlines, MIDGARD has been further developed to support tour operators. Its core features, such as contracting, dynamic price policy (prices change according to the current load situation and other configured conditions), automatic calculation of surcharges and discounts, or pooling have been extended with special features that meet the demands of tour operators. Among them — manual creation of physical and saleable segments, core data import, and administration of tourist brands. The transfer of allotment information, prices, conditions, and sold counts takes place via a number of system interfaces. In case that the tour operator communicates with an airline whose inventory system is MIDGARD, this opens still further possibilities.

Advanced automationabout:

One of the main targets of MIDGARD is to automate processes where possible — the time necessary to fulfil daily tasks reduces to a minimum, while the quality of the data rises substantially. The core data can be entered manually or imported from a connected system. After that, all regular processes can be carried out automatically, among them — coordinating allotments, creating prices in various price classes, as well as dynamic adjustment of allotments and prices according to the actual booking situation. In case of flight schedule changes, their effect on flights and allotments will be evaluated and necessary actions will be taken. Responsible staff will be informed of critical flights by means of special reports and queues.

New horizons for tour operators

An integrated flight schedule editor and an innovative rotation building concept enable tour operators to use flights delivered by various airlines with their flight schedules as a basis for new saleable segments.

Easy invoicing

To control the invoicing prior to or after the flight, global as well as individual rules can be defined. Based on these rules, MIDGARD automatically identifies billable allotments, creates invoices in corresponding currencies and sends them to the configured addresses.

All in all, MIDGARD renders tour operators the controllability on a level which used to be solely available to airlines. We are ready to commit our know-how and extensive experience to meet the challenges of new projects.

The benefits of MIDGARD

  • Effective flight management
  • Automatic import of flight schedules and schedule changes, as well manual flight schedule changes
  • Fully automated import of allotments and prices in various price classes and for each season
  • Excellent system connectivity
  • Many years of implementation experience
  • A reliable connection to the IATA world

MIDGARD is part of the quintessence Air Suite that provides a complete suite of software solutions optimizing business processes in the area of sales and marketing for airlines and tour operators.

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