August 29, 2013

Use the Best Connection In a Multi-Carrier Environment with CONCIERGE

Tour operators often face problems with booking ancillary services, as the process involves contacting call centres of airlines and logging in to their Intranet, which is time consuming and inefficient in many respects. With different airlines using different ancillary inventories, the solution lies in a connector that enables online data exchange between the tour operator and the service inventories of the airlines. CONCIERGE is a gateway that communicates with ancillary inventory and/or reservation systems at connected airlines and enables a smooth flow of bookings for services and seats. It saves time and effort by improving accessibility and simplifying billing procedures, which secures higher revenues both at the airlines and the tour operator.

Speak the Language of Your Airlines

CONCIERGE creates a transparent multi-carrier booking handling with automatic identification of the correct airline system. The mapping of service codes and seat properties to a uniform language will enable you to cross barriers in the environment of multiple formats. CONCIERGE “knows” seating and pre-seating rules of your partner airlines, it handles their multiple compartments under the consideration of the current availability. The fully automated bilateral communication secures steadily current information on capacities, prices, and real-time seat maps without contacting airline call centres or logging in to external systems. Owing to the online data exchange, the CRS of the tour operator obtains immediate updates on changes in relation to the booking state and the flight schedule.

Enhance Your Existing Infrastructure

As a tour operator,  you do not have to install KRONOS and its connectors to various distribution platforms. Communication with multiple airlines through a single central connection – organised and maintained by quintessence – is also an option. We have profound experience in cooperating with leading booking interfaces (START/TOMA, Iris Plus), tourist reservation systems (Altèa, NewSkies, TOPIX, @comRES, WBS Blank), as well as GDS Amadeus and Travelport.

The Benefits of CONCIERGE

  • Smooth booking flow with online booking data without contacting the call centre or logging in to external systems.
  • Agencies and passengers can book through the reservation system of the tour operator, through the Internet (using the quintessence IBE) or a call centre application (e.g. Flight Deck)
  • Invoice payment option between the airline and the tour operator avoids additional payment streams.
  • The tour operator wins customers and receives margin fees.
  • The airline profits from increased sales of ancillary services and simplified processes.
  • The tour operator system is updated immediately upon any airline-initiated schedule changes
  • Both the tour operator and the airline enjoy time-saving benefits due to the considerable reduction of data maintenance and human interaction.

Recognise the benefits and make the most out of it! Contact us to obtain more technical and business details on CONCIERGE.

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