February 14, 2013

Leverage the Web As a Sales Channel for Ancillary Services

The Web Booking Module turns KRONOS // Ancillary Services into the KRONOS Web Sales Solution. It adds an attractive, custom-tailored Web booking interface to an airline’s website. Travellers can conveniently book extras and reserve seats in advance, generating additional revenue for the airline or the tour operator. Depending on the business strategy, airlines can either make their complete service inventory available for booking through the Web or restrict it to selected seats and services. Optionally, a duty-free on-board shop can be created, enabling customers to select duty-free articles that they would like to purchase during the flight.

Make It an Integral Part of Your Web Presence

The customizable Web Booking Module, using corporate design, colours and language, integrates seamlessly into a company’s website. All details of the user interface — such as login parameters, the selection, order and position of fields and buttons,  additional service information, etc. — are individually adjustable. Each implementation scenario is tailored to suite the individual situation of the company. To give an example: after booking a flight at your site, passengers receive an invitation to select seats or book extra services. This can be a hyperlink displayed immediately after the flight booking or an email sent close to the flight date. No matter what scenario you choose, it will reduce pressure on the call centre significantly. At customer’s preference, the functionality that permits creation of ad hoc bookings can be activated.

Go with the Smart Web Flow!

The Web Booking Module leads travellers through the booking process in five easy steps including payment.  The interface is provided with tooltips and informative graphics. A convenient shopping basket allows travellers to view or change selected services at any time. The real-time seat map shows seat availability providing for really easy seat selection. After completing a booking, a confirmation is sent to the passenger or agency address. The standard languages of the user interface are English and German, but any number of further languages can be added. The Content Management System built-in into Flight Deck enables management of multilingual text blocks and  free selection of graphics. It also allows using of language-specific graphics. The same is true with automatically produced messages and booking confirmations.


The Benefits of the Web Booking Module

  • Direct sales of ancillary services via the Web
  • Customer-friendly interface
  • Support of multiple languages and currencies
  • Cost efficient sales platform
  • Seamless integration with the company’s website
  • Direct connection to the payment provider

Using the sales channel with the highest growth rate and the lowest cost per booking helps airlines make the most out of their service inventory.

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