November 25, 2010

Our special correspondent in Barsinghausen, Germany, reports that 32 quintessence colleagues invaded the woods in the lovely Deister mountain to go treasure hunting. According to his eyewitness report they behaved strangely: looking under bushes, climbing trees and fighting with a monkey.

For this year’s company outing the quintessence employees went out into the woods to play an outdoor game called geocaching. This is a GPS-powered hide-and-seek game where the players have to find small or large boxes, the geocaches. The geocaches are hidden at unusual or scenic places and contain a logbook and a few trade items, the treasure. At the meeting point, quintessence people split up into four teams: The Picknickers, The Powerteam, The Smokers, and The Unknowns. Each of them received the coordinates of the hidden geocaches, seven in total, and two GPS devices showing the direction and distance to the caches. Then the hunt began: Each team had to find all seven geocaches in a certain order. When approaching a cache location the team members fanned out trying to find the box. This was easier said than done as the cache containers were camouflaged very well and in one case it was even guarded by  a monkey. When a team had the cache box in its hands, they signed the log book to proof that they actually found the cache. The next cache was already waiting.

The Smokers team was the first to find all seven caches and returned to the meeting point after 2 and a half hours and 7 kilometres of walking through the woods. They were rewarded with the coordinates for a bonus cache. The other teams needed somewhat longer, but by-and-by they all arrived and the crowd was complete again. A few drinks and a nice meal in a nearby restaurant gave the opportunity to recover and to discuss this afternoon’s adventures in a relaxed atmosphere.

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