May 23, 2012

WBS Blank is the first choice for many tour operators in the German and Austrian travel business markets. We have discovered a strong potential in bringing together this multi-facet reservation system and the airline inventory MIDGARD. The Blank connector gives tour operators the flight management toolbox and opens them an airline perspective.

MIDGARD provides all flight parameters necessary to set up a flight product and the Blank connector adapts and exports the data to WBS Blank. The cooperation of the two systems opens tour operators the way to a comprehensive flight management as well as to automated calculation of allotments, prices, and availabilities. At the same time, manual effort will be significantly reduced. These are features that previously only airlines could benefit from.

Additionally to the established merits of MIDGARD and WBS Blank, new features have been introduced. In the first place, it is the mapping of external flight reference codes, which enables flight and rotation handling on both sides of the connection.

On various locations, it is possible to cut down further processing steps in WBS Blank due to calculation results delivered by MIDGARD. This has been the case with the MIDGARD functionality Flexible Release Management as it slimmed down the process by submitting ready allotment figures.

The basic framework of the connector has been set up to cover all existing WBS Blank parameters and can be adjusted to the individual needs of the tour operator. Its high flexibility enables quick reaction to changing requirements. Reciprocal system updates are immediate and fully automated. The data flow from WBS Blank can be supported in the WBSCIA format with no intermediate conversion.

If you are interested in connecting your WBS Blank with the MIDGARD Inventory System, contact us for more information. The precondition is the availability of AUSTAN — the interface developed by WBS Blank to fit its systems for external communication.

The combined effort of the two systems brings effective flight inventory management and charter carrier communication to every tour operator running the WBS Blank system.

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