June 14, 2011

The partnership between Lauda Air and quintessence started with the allotment handling system MIDGARD, back in 2005. After several years of successful cooperation, Lauda decided to acquire EOS, currently branded as KRONOS Passenger Handling, to cover its needs in the passenger handling area. With the implementation of KRONOS Ancillary Services in May this year, Lauda Air employs the complete quintessence Air Suite.

As the result of the intense cooperation between the quintessence business project team, system developers and the airline, KRONOS has been successfully introduced into the existing infrastructure at Lauda Air, enhancing it with an ample service inventory management.

Airline operators create and edit service bookings using the Flight Deck client. The existing booking interface has been enhanced specially for Lauda Air to fit its business requirements. A quintessence payment application, connected to the payment system (Wirecard Central Eastern Europe) allows the user to charge and refund payments by credit card, fulfilling the highest security standards, as well as specific payment methods like MCO or cash.

As counterpart for the multifunctional Flight Deck user interface, used by the airline staff, the quintessence ancillary Web Booking Module has been integrated into the existing ticket booking process via ALPS IBE (TraviAustria). Customers booking a flight with Lauda Air are only one click away from reserving their seats online. Additionally, the Web Booking Module enables even customers without a valid ALPS booking to reserve seats and pay for them. This way, the sales window is enlarged for tour operator customers whose PNRs are usually received only a few days before departure.

The layout of the Web Booking Module has been tailored in close cooperation with the Lauda Web team to match the Lauda Air Web page, offering a simple booking process and an easy to read seat map, including prices and restrictions.

The airline’s customers benefit from the redesigned confirmation, which shows the reserved ancillaries in an appealing way, reflecting the airline’s look and feel. The confirmation procedure also comes with a complete integration in the airline’s accounting processes, including invoicing numbers and financial reports for third party systems.

Completing the existing quintessence system landscape, the users benefit from interfaces to MIDGARD, where the flight schedule is imported from, and the passenger handling module, to which all service reservations are forwarded, ensuring to have all data available at check-in.

With this highly automated solution, manual efforts are reduced to a minimum and an efficient way of participating in the fast growing airline ancillary market is created.

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