June 8, 2011

The integration of the KRONOS systems at TUI and Condor streamlines the handling of Advanced Seat Reservations, allows improved service offerings and relieves call centre agents and travel agency staff from time-consuming routine work. The solution went into productive use on April 7.

TUI Deutschland is the leading tour operator in Germany and Europe purchasing seat allotments from Condor and other carriers. At TUI, KRONOS // Ancillary Services handles the Advanced Seat Reservations and serves TUI reservation system with seat maps for all flights carrying TUI allotments. Integration with the KRONOS system at Condor eliminates the redundant maintenance of seat maps in the two systems. Instead, the KRONOS system at TUI directly retrieves seat maps from the KRONOS system at Condor. Thus, call centre agents and travel agency employees have the current seat maps at their disposal at any time. Customer wishes for specific seats can be handled flexibly without being bound to static seat blocks and without having to contact the airline by phone. Working with their usual software tools, staff can easily create the actual ASR with a few mouse clicks. It will be saved directly in the airline system and the seat map will be updated thereupon. “This solution solves real customer problems and brings in strong advantages for all involved parties – passengers, the tour operator and the airline”, summarizes Stefan Bernsen, quintessence project manager for TUI, the positive results of this project.

Looking further ahead, it should be noted that the quintessence solution at TUI can be extended to connect further carriers. Using Concierge, the quintessence tour operator gateway, the system is smart enough to retrieve seat maps from various airline systems and to create ASR bookings accordingly.

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